Hpnosis session for weight loss

Here's a healthy no nonsense approach to weight loss that works!

( even if you've tried to lose weight unsuccessfully in the past )

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Just one session required!

The 90 minute session will help you get your mindset right to achieve your weight loss goal.

During your hypnosis weight loss session you'll also learn a simple & quick technique that you can do to bust any food cravings.

By the end of your session you'll have the mindset & know how to move forward in your life & leave any weight issues in the past.

Why choose my session over other hypnotherapy sessions.


My session delivers real results.

Most people know that to lose weight you need to eat less & exercise, and while that's correct my hypnosis session will give you the mindset to achieve your weightloss goal.

My session is different because I approach weight loss differently to all other hypnotherapists. 

Here's why...besides being a Master Hypnotherapist & NLP practioner with 25yrs experience, I'm a qualified Personal fitness trainer. I am the Author of two published health & lifestyle books & I have worked with Olympic athletes & sporting stars.

This is a topic that I know well, but most importantly I know how to help you reach your goal.

Because my session is effective you won't require more than one session.

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6 Locations in the Sydney metro area.

Monday to Saturday.


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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( Some after hours appointments are also available )

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